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My name is Pedro and I’m a bad writer

2 Feb

“I would let you into my honors class, but your writing is bad.” Those were the words of my 7th grade English teacher after I told him that my 6th grade English teacher recommended I move to honors. As he uttered that sentence, I imagined the rest of my life in a career where I would never be forced to write anything. I could talk for a living, I suppose, but I had only learned English 2 years ealier so I was lacking in the pronunciation department. I used to love writing back then, and I guess I still do (it’s a cheap form of therapy). And I concur with my 7th grade teacher, I am a bad writer. I have never mastered the use of, a, comma. Even when I think I’m being meticulous I switch they’re, their, and there. And I ramble, sometimes repeating myself with different words, over, and over, and over. Plus I add extra words where there really is no need, and sometimes I tend to repeat myself.

But in 7th grade the meaning of “bad writer” was far more reaching than not being able to put together a coherent sentence or write anecdotes in a witty manner. It meant, at least to me, that I had nothing of importance to say; that I was dumb. But then again, I had perfect A’s in 6th grade, and only learned English a few years back. Seriously, what the hell was he expecting from me? On a completely unrelated but interesting note, that teacher had to serve time for dating one of my classmates in his honors class.

Yesterday I got word that I got a scholarship from the LGBT Tobacco Control Network to attend the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco conference being held the end of this month in Baltimore. The stipulation is that I blog about my experiences there and give insight about topics in the sessions to people who didn’t get to attend. Writing. Great.

“…your writing is bad…”

-Pedro’s 7th Grade English teacher

To be honest, I’m excited about blogging and the concept of someone actually reading what I write. I’ll just have to put my own inadequacies on the side for a while. It’s hard not to hear my 7th grade teacher in the back of my head telling me that I’m a bad writer, but the cool think is that blogging is your own personal form of self-expression. Plus I’ve learned that I may not be the brightest color in the crayon box, but I certainly have lots to say, especially about public health related stuff. After all, if the Kardashians blog prolifically, why shouldn’t I?