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Aeropostale Rocks!

13 Feb
All the stuff I got at the Aeropostale Online Store

All the stuff I got at the Aeropostale Online Store

So I got a new Chase United Miles credit card, and in order to get 30,000 miles I had to make a first purchase of $250. My first thought was to pay for some large bill, but I had recently paid all my bills and so I decided to go and spend $250 of something sorta frivolous.

Okay, so I’m not at all the type of person that either buys clothes regularly or pays a great deal of money for clothes. On a trip to the mainland I had stopped at Aeropostale and was happy with their style, quality, and price for their clothes. It’s sort of a mix between gap and American Eagle. It was perfect that there was no Aeropostale in Hawaii because I hate wearing recognizable brands. I bought a couple of shirts for like $6. Maybe even less.

Anyway, so back to the $250 spending spree. I saw that Aeropostale offered a few more miles if you purchased from the online shop, so I decided to go take a look what few things I could buy with $250. It turns out there’s a whole load of stuff I could buy! It took me almost an hour to fill up my virtual cart with $250 worth of clothes! So I got

  • 2 polo shirts
  • 2 khaki style pants
  • 1 pair of jeans (good quality)
  • 2 graphic T’s
  • 4 differently colored long sleeve preppy shirts
  • 2 very cool and dressy (fashionable) graphic T’s
  • 1 very warm hoodie

Shipping was like $12 on UPS ground.  I got the box in yesterday and man am I pleased. I really can’t believe I got all these clothes, but that I only got them for around $250! Everything had the pricetags attached and I can see that I got very nice discounts on every single item from the regular retail price. The sizes, because I tend to be sometimes a small, medium, or extra small depending on the store, are exactly what I was expecting. I totally recommend Aeropostale online shop!