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25 Feb

This post was created under the influence of ambien:

I suffer from anxiety disorder. It doesn’t do much other than send me through hell and back internally over every little detail. I’m glad that professionally no one would ever be the wiser. But what makes me feel great is that even though I have really strong anxiety right now because of work, I have been exceptionally awesome at my jobs. I have launched 3 projects in the last week. I think the stress motivates me, and the speed excites me. Then when too much happens it crosses the fine line into anxiety.

My anxiety is gone when ambien kicks in because I start seeing colors as I type them.  The words turn into a zoo as they get introced on the stree.  Sometimes they are gree, and something they have little sisters waiting for them outside to play.  But the letter can’t play because I’ve got to type this.  I should make it clear to all the letters in this post cannot go play until they have done all the chore.  And they cannot runaournd like their’ a letter unto themselves.  They got go make words, or we’ll get rid of them, even the chidren lettes.

Another ambiam infused half-asleep rambling

Something in the way…

24 Feb

This woman, Rocio Durcal, was is one of my favorite singers of all time. Her voice seems to have a natural reverb, like it’s vibrating within her body cavity. But what gets me is her intensity. To me it feels like a claws at my heart when she hits those long strong notes, and then the soft sustained notes feel like she gives the wound a kiss.  The song lyrics or theme are secondary in this example, because I don’t think I even know what she’s saying other than “Come Along With Me”

Civil Unions

23 Feb

I honestly don’t understand what legal ground people against civil unions think they are making. They keep comparing allowing same-sex civil unions to allowing stealing, murder, etc., things that are currently illegal. But they fail to realize that it was also once illegal for a woman to vote, or for people of opposite colored skin to marry.

Things like murder and stealing will always continue to be illegal because they infringe on other people’s rights. I don’t understand who someone else chooses as their partner affects me in any legal way.

I wish that people would just come out and say what they really believe: that it’s a crime against God. At least be honest, if that’s what you believe then be out with it. At that time I would say that’s between God and whoever decides to enter into a civil union.

I’m sure if I were to come up to you and tell you how unholy it is to drink alcohol, and how by punishing your body you commit a crime against God, you’d basically tell me to go to Hell, and that no one can judge you but God. Yet these same people are turning around and judging others.

It’s crazy and silly. And a tad bit fanatical. And a whole lot scary that we cannot separate church and state, or even personal prejudices and civil liberties.

No Person is Illegal

15 Feb

I’m no poet by any stretch of the immagination.  But I was inspired to write a blog in prose form. My first try. 


“No Person is illegal”,

The sign over the little girl said.

One of the many signs in a sea of red white and blue, accented with green,

In a ocean of brown immigrants.


“No person is illegal.”

Catchy enough, short enough, simple enough.

The cadences of the phrase make it rhythmic

And leds itself for chanting. 

Smart phrase.

Smart little girl.

It’s in her handwriting,


“No person is illegal”

Thank you AP online for sharing this touching moment.

Click next, on to pictures of Britney Ashley Madonna Aguilera Hilton

To see what their clothes looked like last night. 

I already forgot what the little brown girl’s sign read.

AP is reporting Hillary Cyrus took a picture of her belly with her camera phone.


“No person is illegal.”

The same brown girl, the same sign, two years later.

“No person is illegal.”

What does that mean anyway?

It doesn’t tell me anything,

It doesn’t make me think

It doesn’t even make me want to twitter.

Perhaps it’s a badly worded phrase by someone spending years in ESL classes.

I’m insulted by the sign.

Repelled by it’s short, simple, “catchy” nature.

I’m smarter than that.

I watch CNN & Fox news, just for the balance.

I might have gone to ESL classes, but I can make whole sentences.

As good as anyone else in public education can.


The truth is they are illegal immigrants.

I know that, you know that, they know that.

Illegals are people,

But we knew we would be illegals when we came here.



Illegals because we jumped the wall, or swam the river, or tricked the system.

Illegals because we didn’t get a piece of paper signed.

Illegals because our parents didn’t have enough money to bribe the embassy officials.

Illegals because the officials decided only the mother could have a visa

But her children cannot.

Illegals because they have no other recourse in their home,

So they leave everything they understand behind

Into a land where they know they will live in a golden cage.

Where everything sparkles, but a cage nonetheless.

Illegals because they took all their courage and fears and

Packed it along with a few pictures and several hundreds of prayers,

And the dozen hopes of their entire family. 



But wasn’t that illegal born from a womb?

Didn’t that illegal suffer through his first tooth?

Didn’t that illegal have youthful crushes, and parents,

And brothers and sisters, and cried, and laughed, and even sang when he was happy.

What law of nature did he break?



He jumped over a wall, ran with all his might,

And spent the rest of his years in fear that while

Swallowing up all his pride cleaning the remnants of people’s food

At the local International Waffle House he might lose it all and

Not be able to provide for his family.


The jumping over the wall was illegal.

The working at the pigly wigley was illegal.

The way his boss treated him was illegal.

And maybe the years of having to hold back tears

While watching happy families eat breakfast should be illegal,

But he is NOT illegal.

People are people.

No person is illegal.


Damn.  That little girl was right.    

Aeropostale Rocks!

13 Feb
All the stuff I got at the Aeropostale Online Store

All the stuff I got at the Aeropostale Online Store

So I got a new Chase United Miles credit card, and in order to get 30,000 miles I had to make a first purchase of $250. My first thought was to pay for some large bill, but I had recently paid all my bills and so I decided to go and spend $250 of something sorta frivolous.

Okay, so I’m not at all the type of person that either buys clothes regularly or pays a great deal of money for clothes. On a trip to the mainland I had stopped at Aeropostale and was happy with their style, quality, and price for their clothes. It’s sort of a mix between gap and American Eagle. It was perfect that there was no Aeropostale in Hawaii because I hate wearing recognizable brands. I bought a couple of shirts for like $6. Maybe even less.

Anyway, so back to the $250 spending spree. I saw that Aeropostale offered a few more miles if you purchased from the online shop, so I decided to go take a look what few things I could buy with $250. It turns out there’s a whole load of stuff I could buy! It took me almost an hour to fill up my virtual cart with $250 worth of clothes! So I got

  • 2 polo shirts
  • 2 khaki style pants
  • 1 pair of jeans (good quality)
  • 2 graphic T’s
  • 4 differently colored long sleeve preppy shirts
  • 2 very cool and dressy (fashionable) graphic T’s
  • 1 very warm hoodie

Shipping was like $12 on UPS ground.  I got the box in yesterday and man am I pleased. I really can’t believe I got all these clothes, but that I only got them for around $250! Everything had the pricetags attached and I can see that I got very nice discounts on every single item from the regular retail price. The sizes, because I tend to be sometimes a small, medium, or extra small depending on the store, are exactly what I was expecting. I totally recommend Aeropostale online shop!