This is my 4th blog… sad isn’t it?

14 Dec

So I have emigrated from xanga to wordpress.  And, yes, this is my 4th attempt at a blog.  The first one was on blogger, way back when Britney Spears had “done it again”.  I stayed there for a few years, but then began my own domain with typad with a secret blog, which was lost to cyberspace (and cyber pirates).  Then it was off to Xanga, to basically keep in touch with friends.  Now that xanga has become yet another version of myspace, I feel it’s time to move.

Not only is it time to move but it’s time to write again.  There are way too many times that I sit on my desk at work wondering wishing to complain to someone.  Too many things that I see online that I want to share.  Bryan has basically become immune to my rants, so I need a way to capture them. 

About Obama, and Oprah, and about The Soup, and about that crazy Bromance that’s about to happen.  I’ve recently been getting into Twitter, but that only allows me a few seconds of ranting bliss.   I need more. 

If someone wants to read this, great, but really this is more so that in a few years I can read back my thoughts.  That’s the way you do process eval for public health programs.  You track pre and post and changes in the middle. Then you can do process evaluation by taking a look at changes due to the intervention.  Yes, the previous few sentences made sense in my head.


One Response to “This is my 4th blog… sad isn’t it?”

  1. mikewalzman December 14, 2008 at 9:41 pm #

    ha…that made sense in my head too. I agree, a blog is a great way to analyze your thought processes , so you can make better decisions in the future. Good luck with this blog!

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